King Kong

king kong SEO agency is a positive online marketing site. i think its helps to online business.  They say ‘most web sites are built by graphic designers not killer internet market gurus’. Not only is that a sweeping statement, its acually a complete lie. A quick look at their Google reviews shows at least one of their own staff members giving them 5 stars…..a sure way to upset Google to the point where you are removed altogether….yeah thats really marketing genius. I have no personal beef against these guys, have never used them….but as as someone who works in the industry with some great strategists and UX teams, to hear these ads that say ‘most websites are built by graphic designers really under my nails! Sadly there are many, many businesses out there who are similar. I know of an agency in Brisbane who just doesn’t do anything except recycle a couple of “stock” WordPress templates for each Customer. If you ask them about any other options, they do their best to talk you out of anything other than that. to more know visite this link


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