Soil Stabilization

With regards to holding back a lot of dirt, you essentially have two choices. Employ a mason contractor and also have a traditional concrete block wall built, or it can be done yourself with interlocking (or segmented) retaining wall blocks. For more information on soil stabilization, visit our website today.

Using retaining wall blocks instead of traditional concrete retaining wall construction is growing in recognition. If you notice many new commercial construction projects which are while using stacking blocks approach to retaining wall construction for a lot of reasons.

Benefits of using retaining blocks

Do-it-yourself and cut costs

These blocks produce a strong wall that may be considered permanent

Building permits aren’t needed before the wall becomes over 4 ft top Building codes will be different. Look at your local codes.

The wall could be re-configured or removed as needed later on

The block could be re-used

The wall could be grown to produce a “living wall” (with respect to the kind of block used)

Build at the own pace

You’ve more block style and color choices

Situation Study

Within my situation, the wall I desired is all about 75 ft lengthy and from three or four ft high. The estimate received for that traditional concrete block wall was $6,500. The price of materials for interlocking blocks was $1,200… a $5,300 savings. Make no mistake about this, this really is effort. The fundamental steps you are taking will be to dig for the foundation row, stack block, look for proper alignment and level, then backfill little. These block weigh 62 lbs. each, however if you simply are to the task and wish to avoid wasting serious cash on a task such as this, the stacking blocks are a good option. In my project, I selected to make use of the Verdura 30 block produced by and offered at Lowe’s in California.

A great task for the Get It Done Yourselfer having a strong back and also the will to avoid wasting serious cash on a soil retaining wall. It’s very satisfying to face back and check out your completed project with pride in addition to gain the envy of the neighbors. Want to know more about rock fall stabilization? Visit our website for more information.

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