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Nowadays, lots of people take wedding bands and engagement rings as a given, and even though they provide these beautiful products of jewelry with integrity and love, they’re frequently given without any real understanding of the meaning in it. To know more about wedding rings, visit our website today!

Both wedding bands and engagement rings are extremely special products of jewelry actually, they’re not only jewellery – they’re the indicating many feelings and promises for example:






But where – and why – did these popular and sentimental bits of jewellery originate from?

The Good Reputation For Wedding Bands

These products of jewelry possess a history that spans hundreds of years and goes through many countries all around the planet. Below, there is also a brief good reputation for the wedding and engagement ring, as reported from nation to nation.


The now-famous wedding band is believed to possess originated from Ancient Egypt, where it’s stated that plant sections were fashioned directly into circles to indicate never-ending and immortal love. It had been believed that the 4th finger (which now that we know as the ring finger) contained a unique vein which was connected straight to the heart, and for that reason this grew to become the official finger for the wedding band.


The Romans also agreed with the Egyptians in relation to the wedding ring finger and it is meaning, but instead of offering wedding bands denoting love, they awarded them denoting possession. Roman men would “claim” their lady with the giving of the ring.


Puzzle rings were an intricate kind of jewellery which were once famous Asia, which jewels had the charming knack of having the ability to break apart and set together again again – should you understood how to get this done, obviously. Wealthy Middle Eastern men then started to make use of these rings as wedding bands for his or her spouses, who have been frequently made to put on a puzzle ring when their husband was away. The husband knows upon his return whether any one of his spouses have been disloyal by removing the ring although he was away, because the ring is built to collapse upon removal and may simply be come up with again should you have had the skill and understanding needed.


Several centuries ago, the Europeans grew to become rather taken using what we’d class being an engagement ring, but ended up being known as a Poesy Ring. This ring was handed to a family member as a kind of promise, and signified fidelity and love. The Poesy Ring was offered like a pledge of eternal togetherness, almost as much ast today’s engagement rings can be found like a commitment of eternal marriage.


During Colonial occasions, all products of jewelry in America were prohibited because of their apparent moral worthlessness. Rather, a far more practical thimble was handed as a sign of affection so that as a pledge of eternal togetherness. However, once they were married, the women tended to get rid of the bottom of the “engagement thimble” to create a kind of ring.

Good Reputation For Engagement Rings

The engagement ring nowadays also features its own varied and fascinating history, most of which is explored below. Engagement rings happen to be known by a variety of names, have symbolised a number of various things and also have not necessarily occurred of gold and silver and stunning gems!


The ancient Greeks are believed to possess been the forerunners in the rising of the traditional engagement ring. Given as a sign of care and affection, the rings used by the Greeks maintained as betrothal rings and received before marriage. However, the giving of those rings wasn’t always a pre-requisite to marriage and it was frequently succumbed the same way like a friendship ring may be given today.


As seen by their utilization of the wedding ring, ancient Romans were not the most sentimental of individuals, and the early form of their “engagement ring” were considered to have created keys in it. It’s been debated this might have been to symbolise the woman’s to access and own 1 / 2 of everything following marriage. However, the more sentimental prefer to believe that the key might have been a vital to her husband’s heart.


Engagement rings as you may know them today – stunning gems encased in gold and silver – grew to become famous around the fourteenth or fifteenth century, when the affluent and the royals started to switch and put on these jewels. However, these products were so costly that no-one apart from the royals and the wealthy can afford to switch them. It had been to become hundreds of years before these engagement rings would be popular or traditional.

Why a ring?

The reason for engagement rings and wedding bands would be to convey deep feelings of eternal love, eternal happiness, eternal commitment, and eternal togetherness. Actually, these rings signify eternity – between the giver and the recipient. A ring, obviously, is really a complete circle without any break with no finish or beginning, meaning it simply continues – it’s eternal.

And, since folklore has it that the 4th finger of the left hands includes a vein leading straight to the heart, it is common that both engagement and wedding rings could be worn about this particular finger, that was once reputed to become a direct path to the heart. Need more information about engagement rings and where to buy them? Visit our website today!


In a nutshell, it’s obvious that the giving of the ring in honor of the union, betrothal, and marriage continues to be happening since ancient occasions, and even though it might not probably always will be as glamorous and romantic because it is today, it had been still a way of exchanging an agreement of betrothal or marriage.

Thankfully, today’s wedding bands and engagement rings aren’t made from hair, grass, plants or twine as they’ve already experienced ancient occasions, but of lovely metals set with stunning gems, for example platinum, titanium, white-colored gold, gold, sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds. These incredible products of jewelry will probably remain extremely popular as the centuries go by, as well as as the remainder of the world advances in a advanced and technological age, it’s difficult to assume each day in which a beautiful gemstone engagement ring does not melt the heart of their recipient.

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