wireless lighting

Introducing Lightning Control Systems

Lighting control systems manage all of the lights inside a building from one location or remotely via a remote or mobile phone. Its use could be public, commercial, residential or theatrical. These may also be used for creating visual effects or security purposes for landscapes, theatres, exterior or interior lighting productions. They work well for reduced power consumption and efficient programs. For more information on wireless lighting, visit our website.

An embedded micro-processor or industrial computer can be used for programming. A lightning control system could be interfaced to some mounted keypad, touchscreen device, a pc or perhaps a cell phone. Features are supplied to show off and on lights, ceilings fans and dimmers. Users may also schedule switch on and switch off occasions and predefine brightness levels at different occasions during the day.

Control Factors

Lightning control systems can switch lights off and on by putting the next factors into account.

Chronological and astronomical time in line with the present and solar time

Quantity of daylight

Existence of people

Specific occasions


Home Automation Lightning

Lightning Control Systems are broadly utilized in Home Automation technology. A relay or timer can be used to control lights. Turn on and turn off occasions could be defined with the central console unit. A keypad may also be used to show on the couple of lights within an empty house in order that it seems occupied with no trespassers go into the property.


The greatest benefit of lighting control system is the opportunity to control all lights from one location. If remote access is enabled, users can operate the system from outdoors the home even if they’re in another place in the world. Using modern cameras permits viewing of various rooms too. The opportunity to control several lights from one device enables the development of sophisticated light scenes. Rooms could be developed to have multiple light scenes for various users and various activities. Many people like vibrant lights whereas some prefer dimness. A light controlling system is capable of doing discovering an individual’s presence and identifying him too, and helps to create the scenes that they prefers. Similarly, people choose dim lights if you watch a film. Again the system will instantly lower the brightness level once the play button is pressed.

Other pros of lightning control systems include reduced use of energy because lighting is instantly switched if the area or home is empty. This significantly lowers the facility bills. Dimming options increase a bulb’s existence since it does not operate at full load. Wireless systems allow elevated versatility. Want to know more about lighting control systems? Do not forget to visit our website today!

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