Rainbow Beach Motel Accommodation

Fraser Island known as K GARI through the Aboriginal somebody that has resided there for more than 5500 years means paradise and it is wealthy with Aboriginal culture. Heritage listed Fraser Island has changed over 80,000,000 many is really a unique natural atmosphere where rainforests grow within the sand. For more information Rainbow Beach Holiday Rentals, visit us today!

Maui, is really a pristine world heritage listed island and it is the biggest unconsolidated land mass or sand island on the planet and it is situated from the Fraser coast, a 3 hour drive north of Queensland the main city of Queensland.

Fraser Island stretches over 123 kilometers long and it is approximately 22 kilometers wide, by having an section of approximately 184,000 hectares. An incredible natural question. A tropical of outstanding beauty, with lengthy uninterrupted white-colored sandy beaches, strikingly colored sand coves, and also over 100 freshwater very obvious ponds, some so blue the white-colored sand sticks out like a feature. Ancient rainforests grow in sand across the banks from the obvious freshwater streams of sand filtered water so pure and magical in taste. This is actually the only sand island on the planet to boast tall rainforests growing within the sand dunes some over 200 meters high, as the heaths around the low lands have major environmental significance, supplying magnificent wildflower displays during spring and summer time. This sand island can also be the place to find a pure strain of Australia’s native dog the DINGO.

Dealing with Fraser Island is definitely an adventure by itself. Departing Queensland around the Bruce Highway heading north you go through some beautiful country interspersed with cane and pine apple plantations, North of Noosa you will find the chance to visit across the beach for approximately 80 kilometers to Rainbow beach which will get it’s name in the magnificent colors from the sand within the sand dunes and sandy coves.

From Rainbow Beach a brief barge trip goes over the sandy straits, which separates Fraser Island in the landmass. Once on Fraser Island all your driving is performed on sand so make certain you will find the correct steering wheel pressures for sandy driving conditions. Fraser Island provides the traveler some awesome scenery and various plant camping sites can be found. If you’re travelling throughout the Tailor season, that is in spring, Fraser Island turns into a bevy of activity with tailor fisher men climbing down about this tranquil place to go for the tailor fishing season, making camping areas crowded.

The wet lands of Fraser Island are worth visiting for that bird and flora enthusiasts because this is the place to find over 40,000 migratory wild birds and also to rare and vulnerable species for example dugongs, turtles, illidge’s ant blue butterflies and also the eastern curlews. A few of the flora include patterned ferns, mangroves and various grasses. Want to know more about the best Rainbow Beach Holiday Apartment? Visit our website for more information.

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