Fixer In Nepal

Fixer In Nepal is a company that surmounts all the impediments, providing the necessary requisites for all kinds of filming projects in Nepal. We believe in change, and our company is flexible to work as per the needs of our clients. Customer satisfaction is yet another of our prime goals, thus, we blend in to working under all kinds of budget, under various circumstances. Since 2005, Fixer In Nepal has been providing a complete filming services in Nepal, and is one of Nepal’s biggest and most successful filming companies. We deliver a wide-range of services like Project Research, Production, Stringer, Filming, Fixing, Logistics, Budgeting and other services as per the necessity. Fixer Nepal is an illustration of the hospitality of Nepal and we welcome with open arms all who look forward to filming in Nepal. Come, film with us as a customer and we promise you’ll go back with friends and memories galore. 


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