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To become a Clicksure affiliate, you can go to ClickSure and sign up a new affiliate account under the affiliates icon listed on the top of the page.

Once you sign up, login to your new affiliate account and on the dashboard, click on marketplace. In order to start promoting products, you need to choose what to promote. Clicksure has a number of different categories that go anywhere from E-Business & Marketing products to Blog Marketing and even Pay-Per-Click Advertising products. If youre already well into your internet marketing career you probably specialize in a specific niche, or maybe even a number of niches. Choosing a product to promote that is in your niche is crucial to succeeding with affiliate marketing regardless of what website you are using to find these products and/or services that you are promoting, whether it be Clicksure or Clickbank.

If you are new to internet marketing or affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you build a solid credibility for yourself in respect to your reputation in the industry you want to take part in and develop a large customer or follower base before you start promoting products. People are not going to listen to some random person that does not have anycredibility in a specific niche, especially if theyre just trying to get everyone to buy products. You need to build an email list and create a relationship with everyone on this list before they start taking your advice on products youre trying to sell them from Clicksure.

After you choose a category on Clicksure, you can then select a sub-category link. Once you do this, you can find all the products under this sub-category and choose one to promote. Before you choose a product to promote from Clicksure you should do some research on it because you dont want to be promoting bad offers; this will lead you to have a bad name in the industry. As discussed above, the more credibility you have in a specific industry or niche, the more people are willing to listen and buy products you promote to them. You can add value by recommending good products/services that are worth the money people are spending on them. I usually buy the products on Clicksure before I promote them, just to make sure Im promoting a solid offer to my customers. I also give them a little review on the product because itll give them more of an incentive to actually go to Clicksure and buy this product Im promoting.

Clicksure provides you with a promotional link and youll want to copy and paste this link on your website or whatever platform you are using to promote the offer. After that youre all ready to start earning affiliate commissions fromClicksure every time you redirect someone to buy that product.

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